Breathing Is Life – But We Can Breathe Properly

Breathing Is Life
Breathing Is Life - But We Can Breathe Properly

Breathing is life, Our breathing is one of the most basic ongoing tasks for our body. It works unconsciously, there is no need to pay attention to it.

However, it can also be a problem – many times we don’t realize that we are not breathing properly because of our environment, even though it is good for our body and soul as well.

Proper breathing is not difficult to achieve. You only need to practice a few tasks to help you concentrate, get rid of stress and bad habits

Breathing is life
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There are several ways to breathe properly

There is no single right way to breathe. Breathing can basically be divided into two groups: abdominal and chest breathing. In the first case, the chest does not move, only the abdomen expands.

In the second case, just the opposite, the chest expands and contracts. Both modes can be good if you breathe lightly and deeply and both can be problematic if you breathe too fast and short.

Abdominal breathing is a proven technique that corrects breathing itself. It helps control your body and mind. In a few minutes, you can calm down, concentrate, get rid of unwanted stress, or on the contrary, get up quickly.

Another important factor is that it strengthens the abdominal muscles, which is omitted from many workouts.

How to learn to breathe properly?

Breathing is life that’s why Proper breathing cannot be forgotten, although it can be affected by a variety of effects. How do we remind our bodies to breathe deeply and stay calm? There are several techniques that can help us with this. Breathe through your nose and blow it out of your mouth.

Your body will appreciate this, as it is the only way to filter out bacteria and potential viruses that would otherwise enter your body. Breathing through your nose, the cold air heats up and saturates with moisture, which is good news for our body.

Remember that the incoming air must enter the diaphragm, which will rise with each inhalation (through the nose) and fall off with each breath (through the mouth). Try to stop for a few minutes every day and breathe properly. Any situation that will be comfortable for you

How to do abdominal breathing?

When you are lying on your back, put your hand on your upper abdomen, your other hand on your chest, and try abdominal breathing. If done correctly, your chest should remain flat and your abdomen will move. Take a deep breath, a little more than usual, and then allow the abdomen to sink for a long time as you exhale. Not so difficult.

Proper breathing affects not only the physical processes in the body but also the oxygen saturation, heartbeat, digestion, and immunity of the blood. Make sure you actually focus on breathing.

Breathing exercises help you quit smoking

Experts have been recommending breathing exercises for some time to help those addicted to cigarettes. If you feel this applies to you, take a deep breath through your mouth into your chest and hold it inside for 10 seconds. Then breathe slowly through your half-closed lips.

Repeat the procedure five times and you may notice that both your body and mind are relaxed. It’s not just this one technique that calms down to help overcome the ten- to a fifteen-second craving for a cigarette that feels familiar to all smokers.

Bonus especially for women

Proper breathing also means activating the transverse abdominal muscles, which can help reduce the size of our waist. It actually acts as a kind of “inner belt.” The load on the transverse abdominal muscle during breathing will not only relax you, but you can get rid of a few centimeters on your waist step by step.


In this blog, we learned that Breathing is life also how our body breathes can affect our mood and more. When we breathe with our mouth open our heart rate increases, which can make us feel anxious.

Breathing with our nose closed is a better way to control our breathing and slow our heart rate. If we are feeling anxious it could be a good idea to try breathing slowly for a few minutes.