Editorial Policy

Here at StyleVitally, we hold a paramount concern for the quality and reliability of the information disseminated across our website and social media platforms. Upholding stringent editorial review guidelines is fundamental to our operations.

In this document,

  • “Stylevitally Enterprise” refers to ‘company’, ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’.
  • Stylevitally.com refers to the “website”.
  • You refer to “client”, “you” and “your”.
  • “Services” refers to our free text content, free video content, free audio content, paid ebook and paid consulting.

Our ‘Services’ encompass a range of offerings, including free text, video, audio, paid ebooks, and consulting content.

Editorial Policy Overview:

Veracity and Guarantee

Our content undergoes meticulous creation, fact-checking, and review by certified nutritionists to ensure the utmost factual accuracy. We maintain a steadfast commitment to not publishing or accepting content whose authenticity is in doubt, particularly concerning medical or health matters.


Our sourcing and reporting adhere to stringent guidelines, accepting only content backed by credible accreditation and verifiable authenticity. Our reviews remain impartial and transparent, with investments in supplements to provide trustworthy evaluations. Guest postings are exclusively accepted from certified professionals.

Safe References

Every article is extensively researched and supported by citations from reputable sources such as specialized media outlets, academic research institutions, peer-reviewed studies, governmental agencies, and medical associations. All referenced links are conveniently located at the bottom of each article.


Catering to individuals seeking to enhance their nutritional knowledge for a healthy lifestyle, our articles are crafted in simple, easily understandable English. We prioritize simplifying complex topics and offering actionable insights.

Review Policy:

    Following publication, each article undergoes periodic fact-checking reviews. If necessary, comprehensive revisions are undertaken to ensure accuracy. Any updates are prominently dated at the article’s outset, underscoring our commitment to providing reliable information.

    Your Feedback Matters:

    We are dedicated to furnishing high-quality nutrition content on the web. However, we encourage you to contact us if you encounter content that raises questions regarding its accuracy or currency. Your feedback guides our continual improvement efforts, and we pledge to address any concerns promptly and appropriately.”

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