Facial Clay Masks For Acne And Pore 

Facial Clay Masks
Facial Clay Masks For Acne And Pore

Facial clay masks for acne and pore are very impotant. People are using clay masks for centuries to improve the health of the skin. It is thought day clay masks are made of several types of clay-like charcoal, bentonite, kaolin and green clay, etc.  Facial clay masks for acne and pore read this article

Applying a clay mask to the face reduced the amount of oil away. Many people think that bentonite and kaolin clay masks are best for drying out the skin. If you have naturally oily skin, apply a clay mask once or twice a week to manage the excess oil. Hare are Facial clay masks for acne and pore 

Clay mask for dry skin

Red clay is sometimes is recommended to treat dry skin. When you apply a clay mask on the face, it hardens and creates a film on the face which helps to retain moisture. But the study suggests that short term use of clay mask did not cause a significant change in skin firmness. If you use too much clay mask, it will cause severe dryness of the skin. If your skin is already dry, limit the use of the clay mask.

Clay mask for toxins

Clay usually has a negative charge. Research suggests that this negative charge bind with the positive charge of the toxin and metals like mercury and is found diffused from the environmental pollution. 

Bentonite clay mask 

This clay mask is derived from volcanic ash. Its name derived from Fort Benton, where it was first discovered. Many of the studies describe the potential benefits of clay masks after examination,

The benefits of the bentonite clay mask are

  • Reduce excessive moisture
  • Protect your skin from toxins
  • Improve symptoms of dermatitis
  • Improve symptoms of the diaper rash
  • Reduce acne

Kaolin clay mask

Kaolin is consider one of the gentlest facial clay masks .it has kaolinite, a mineral that has layered silicate. This mineral can be found all over the world. It has been mined ate the mount Kao ling. Kaolin is suitable for all types of skin. It mostly comes in white color but also found in green, brown and pink color. The kaolin in white color has better quality as compared to other kaolin clay colors.

Kaoline  facial clay mask

Benefits of the Kaolin clay mask

     1.  Absorb extra oil

Kaolin clay unclogged the pores by extracting the excessive oil from the skin. It only controls the excessive sebum and does not affect natural oil production.

2. Smooth you skin

Kaolin has smooth qualities that calm your irritated skin cause any skin rash. It has also some healing properties and heals your damaged skin.

3. Even out your skin tone

This clay mask stimulates the skin cells and makes the skin tone even. If you use this regularly you will feel the magical change in your skin tone.

4. Help in reducing acne

Kaolin clay mask unclogged the pores by extracting the extra oil from the skin and thus prevent from acne.

 Possible benefits of using the Clay mask

The clay mask has the ability to absorb an excessive amount of oil from the skin to prevent mild acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. These types of acne are form when your pores are clogged and full of oil and dirt.

To treat blackheads use clay mask powder with warm water. The heat will help in releasing the extra amount of oil and dirt. You can use tea tree oil with a clay mask which will help to reduce acne patches.

How to reduce the pimple size in an hour

To reduce the pimple size in an hour follows the steps of using the clay mask

  • Wash your face with a warm or gentle cleanser. This will give a clean start and allow for deep penetration
  • Take a bowl, add a tablespoon of kaolin clay powder and add warm water to mix it. Make the mixture thick that can spread on the face, not so thin that it runoff from the face.
  • Apply the paste on the face with your fingertips.
  • Wait for the mask to dry
  • When the clay mask dries rinse off from the skin with hot water. Then end up with the moisturizer.

When we apply the mask on the face, it will reduce the size of the pores by unclogging the pores and removing oil and dirt from the pores.

Best ingredients for acne

Acne is extremely common all over the world. Almost 50% of people are affected each year. It is not easy to get rid of acne. There are no treatments are available for acne but some ingredients are very helpful to clear your skin.

With a huge assortment of anti-acne products, how you will know which the best and acne removal is. Many acne treatments differ in their ingredients, the best ingredients for acne removal are.

Benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a medication that reduces the number of bacteria on your skin that cause acne and pimples. By killing acne-causing bacteria it reduces the whiteheads and large pimples by reducing the frequency of the breakouts. You can find a cleanser containing benzoyl peroxide that can use once or twice a week.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxyl acid that has the ability of deep penetration and removes the top layer of the dead cells by unclogging the pores. By unclogging the pores salicylic acids can reduce the size of black and whiteheads. It will help to remove extra oil from the skin and prevent pimples.

You can use this acid in a cleanser, gel, and cream.


Retinol is a vitamin A derivative. It can turn over the tone of the skin by removing the top layer of dead cell skin. It promotes the growth of the new collages and new healthy cells. Retinoid can be effective for different types of acne. Retinol reduces the size and frequency of the blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. It also changes the overall texture of the skin tone. 

Retinol is typically found in the form of a gel. You can use it from low concentration and not applying daily because it causes redness, dryness, and sun sensitivity. Apply it after every three nights.